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Fall 2020 Lesson Schedule

This Fall I will be offering Zoom Lessons online, In-Person at the VSO School of Music or a blend of the two (recommended).

1. Zoom Lessons

Monday evenings 4:30-8:30 and Saturday mornings 8-10

*may be able to fill in other times if neither of those suit you.

Email me with your preferred time and date.

2. In-Person at the VSO School

Tuesday evenings 4:00- close

Wednesdays evenings 4:00-close

*This may change as it depends on availability and how many students want to study there.

Email me and Hannah with your preferred time/date

3. Zoom and In-Person through the VSO School

If you would like to register for a mix of Zoom with the occasional in-person lesson you will want to book through the VSO School and we can talk about a schedule for that.

Email me and Hannah with your preferred time/date

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