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As an adult harp student, I am amazed at the progress I have made under Lani's tutelage. She is always patient and enthusiastic; she teaches to each student's individualized learning style to maintain engagement and fun! I am so glad that I decided to take-on this beautiful instrument, and feel fortunate to be able to learn from such a dedicated and caring teacher.


Our wedding ceremony began in a gentle and warm atmosphere with Lani's beautiful harp playing. It was cloudy, but as the ceremony progressed, the sky began to clear and at last the beautiful blue sky emerged before us. It was a moment that felt like a miracle, a gift from God; because it's always raining in Vancouver. And it seemed like even the sun wanted to listen to her beautiful harp playing, for it miraculously showed itself to us. After the ceremony, she joyfully performed the requests from our guests and we were all very moved and satisfied. And even after she put her harp away, she set it up again for taking pictures and she even let me play it. Her gentle smile and incredible performance is still ingrained in my mind. I deeply appreciate you, thank you so much dear Lani.

Tatsumi and Seiko

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